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Yacht Chartering for the Disabled

A very popular vacating way that has now become available to people with disabilities is the chartering of a sailing yacht. Yachts are like having a big, spacious and comfortable trailer in the sea and can offer to the tourist something unique: One can move from place to place, swim in the deep blue and at the same time visit unknown and picturesque beaches and islands that are not otherwise accessible. Sailing ships are a combination of a means of transportation and a place of stay.

As a procedure, sailing creates an exciting connection with the sea and the wind, and, being one the most natural and ecological way of moving, fills one with peace and happiness. For instance, only through sailing one can live the once-in-a-lifetime experience of feeling the breath of dolphins while they are innocently playing with the waves by the yacht.

A person with a disability can charter an accessible yacht with his friends and his family and join everyone in the activities of sailing. Nevertheless, these accessible yachts should have some standard qualifications: they should have a hard top, to protect the guests from the heat and the sun, they should have devices that will help the disabled person to get in and out of the water as most beaches are not wheelchair-accessible, and other similar devices that will help the disabled to freely move around the facilities of the yacht.

Furthermore, in comparison with standard holidays, where one visits one or two places, sailing will allow the tourist to move around a tremendous variety of destinations. Also, even in standard holidays, the needed transportations are immense; for example leaving the hotel, or going to a beach or to the city. But with sailing, all the transport that is needed is part of the fun and the adventure that the tourist looks forward to.

Yachting holidays are sincerely recommended to the disabled tourist, and are the kind of holidays one will never forget in his lifetime.

About the Author

This article was written by Antonis Mangos of DR Yachting.