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Southern Sea Ventures

As founder of Southern Sea Ventures, I'm excited to present our 2005 selection of sea kayak adventure holidays.

From the tropics to the Mediterranean to the ice, enjoying the world's beautiful places by kayak is a great way to refresh the spirit. I've had great fun researching our specialist adventures - generating many stories and rewarding memories that I'd love to share with you, whether at a slide show or on one of our trips. Equally, we enjoy hearing from you!

Our specialist adventures use sea kayaks to access remote wilderness coastlines, tropical islands, rainforests and polar landscapes and, equally importantly, to capture a glimpse of the history and culture of the areas we visit.

We started operating sea kayak tours in 1988 in Fiji and Australia, and have steadily expanded to offer a diverse range of paddling adventures around the globe. Our selection of warm water sea kayak trips now also includes Vanuatu, Turkey, Panama and Tonga. We've continued to develop our innovative polar itineraries and our mothership, Polar Pioneer, now supports our Antarctic, Arctic and Greenland kayak adventures, as well as taking us to the Scottish islands. Kayaks are an ideal way to explore these intriguing destinations that offer a kaleidoscope of natural and cultural experiences.

Our wide selection of sea kayaking adventures means that we offer something to suit all levels of ability from novice to experienced paddler. Our guides make the difference with the expertise to ensure safe, comfortable holidays whether you choose a self-contained sea kayaking and camping adventure or day paddles from a mother-ship.

I hope you can join us for an unforgettable experience and some great new paddling adventures.

Al Bakker, Founder & Managing Director


Fiji Fiji
Greenland Greenland
Panama Panama
United Kingdom United Kingdom



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