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Promenade Sail Dive Charters

Promenade Sail Dive Charters

Picture yourself waking up on a sleek Caribbean yacht charter anchored in a serene and tranquil bay. Your coffee and breakfast are being prepared while you ponder whether to go for a morning swim or stretch out with a good book. The aroma of freshly baking bread fills the air. Promenade Caribbean yacht charters and its exceptional crew offer the yacht charter cruising vacation in the Caribbean. You'll wish it would last forever! Promenade's sleek and stable design offers unrivaled comfort and space. Sailing is a pleasure as you glide over the sparkling azure waters in one of the most beautiful and sheltered cruising grounds in the world, the British Virgin Islands.

Charter the courses of the great explorers Columbus and Sir Francis Drake and discover uninhabited islands and cays. Drop anchor off palm-fringed beaches or coves. Visit harbors in which notorious pirates like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd once held court, where colorful West Indian architecture now delights the eye.

Relax completely on the vast deckspace afforded by Promenade's tri-hull design, or, at your whim, enjoy the many recreational activities on board. Step ashore for a little beach combing along the water's edge or to visit a local boutique. The choice is yours.

Daily indulgence in our exotic tropical cocktails assures a memorable experience, as does our superb cuisine, prepared from a gourmet's pantry stocked with your requests in mind. Fine wines and spirits for you to savor on our charter, are carried in our carefully selected cellar.

Our Caribbean yacht charter is perfect for a private wedding or honeymoon getaway. Cruise to secluded areas of the British Virgin Islands and have the ceremony or honeymoon of your dreams! The scenery will make a perfect backdrop to any celebration.

Delight in the personal attention of a responsive and thoroughly professional crew whose greatest interest is that this should be your best and most refreshing yacht charter vacation ever.

On Promenade, we pride ourselves that no one can offer you more on a Caribbean yacht charter vacation.


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