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Cruzan Lady Yacht Charters

We will help you choose the best crewed charter yacht and ideal itinerary for your charter needs. For the novice or first time charterers, you may wish to visit the popular and convenient United States and British Virgin Islands, with their protected waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Visit the Caves, Deadman's Bay, Dead Chest of "Treasure Island" by Robert Lewis Stevenson. Swim and snorkel the famous grotto boulders of "The Baths," or dive the wreck of "The Rhone" at Salt Island. For evening entertainment, be sure not to miss Foxy's with his special Caribbean songs.

The experienced yachtsman may wish to challenge the open seas, get a feeling for "Blue Water" sailing, visiting the Leeward Islands with Dutch and French Island of St. Martin, the European St. Barts, relaxing St. Kitts and historic English Harbor of Antigua. Or select the beautiful Windward Islands, with the breathtaking Pitons of St. Lucia, charming Bequia, snorkel Paradise of the serene Grenadines and the lush spicy Island of Grenada.


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