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American Yacht Charters

American Yacht Charters

Now glamorous parties are not just the essence of Hollywood movie premieres, but a reality for all looking to host a unique and memorable event. From a dynamic corporate function to an enchanting birthday celebration, American Yacht Charters will unveil the uniqueness of your special event and create a setting that, like a movie premiere, is remembered forever.

Absolutely nothing breathes romance quite like the grand elegance and glamour of a nautical wedding. Imagine being married before a dramatic sunset and the canvas-like backdrops of world-famous Newport Beach Harbor. American Yacht Charters will create a unique day to cherish and one your family and friends will never forget. From catering to photography, and everything in between, American Yacht Charters has created a variety of wedding packages to suit every size, taste, and budget. Custom packages are available, please contact us and we will create one to your specific needs.

Corporate Functions
American Yacht Charters has helped many companies such as yours realize profit from opportunity by simply blending business with just the right dose of pleasure. Our distinctive fleet of yachts offers a refreshing and dynamic alternative to the traditional hotel site but with the full-service and amenities of a hotel.


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