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4Winds Specialty Tours

Barges are available to rent for parties of 8-40 passengers families, friends, scout troops, workshops, etc. Most require a minimum 20 passengers, others are available for as few as six.
We rent barges in Holland and France. We have a lot of barges to choose from in Holland, only two in France. For those two it is very important to book early.

We provide bicycles and your guide, plus a captain and cook for all meals. All barges include at least two crew members. With most barges meals are included, some of the simpler (economy) barges can be rented without meals.

Due to high demand, it is recommended that you select your preferred barge at least one year in advance. This is only relevant if you are reserving your barge by name; it does not apply if your party will accept whichever barge is available. Also, as prices may fluctuate throughout the year, please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing and schedules.

Besides barge rentals we also offer barge and barge/bike tours for individuals, most are guided but some are self-guided.


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