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Chartering a Yacht at the Athens Olympics

Itís time to welcome in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Where will you be this August?

Have you ever dreamed of sailing a yacht beneath clear blue skies skimming the waves of crystal clear aqua seas or sunbathing on the deck of your yacht enroute to a remote island? You must be dreaming of the Greek isles. Combine this vision with an Olympic event and you have a winning ticket. Support your countryís athletes and visit Athens this August.

With just one month to go there are still many yachts available for rental during the games. What is more prices are competitive and bargains are available. It certainly beats paying for a double room when you can sleep a family of 4-8 on a yacht for more than half the expense.

Yachts of all sizes and types are available in Athens and other islands both for sailing holidays and as sleeping accommodations while attending the Olympic Games. Renting a yacht is a suitable and economic means of affordable living arrangements in Athens. A four cabin yacht sleeps eight people with the comforts of bathroom facilities and fully equipped galley. Yacht rentals are weekly rates per yacht so bring the crowd, you can afford to now. Other facilities are not a problem either with full service supermarkets and showers usually located in the marina structure or nearby.

Yachts are for everyone! You do not need to know how to sail or operate a yacht to use it for your living accommodation. For those desiring sailing out of the marina, an experience sailor with a license must be present. This may be one of your guests or you may hire a professional skipper.

Transportation to all local Athens games is within walking distance of the Athensí marinas. Within minutes you can arrive at your destination via the new tram, bus, taxi or underground Metro. You will also invariably find swimming beaches and first rate beach restaurants, cafes and shopping very close by.

Athensí charter companies look forward to having you as their guests for the 2004 Olympic Games.

About the Author

This article was written by Thalea Lyras of Exas Yachting.