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Salmakis Yachting

Salmakis Yachting has been operating since 1980, specializing in Blue Cruise with Turkish Traditional Gulets for almost 30 years. We are located in Bodrum/Turkey, provide cruises along Aegean and Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, Greece Islands and as well as Croatia with a range of standard economy gulets, air conditioned luxury gulets, and for those who are seeking the very best deluxe mega yachts.

In every phase of your cruise, from initial planning to the reluctant goodbye, you will receive the full and caring attention Salmakis Yachting which is an A-class travelling agency approved by Ministry of Tourism. The experience and dedication of our 30 years in gulet business is our promise of a lifetime memorable holiday.


    Turkey Turkey:


    Contact Salmakis Yachting

    Emre Karakaya
    Salmakis Yachting
    Neyzen Tevfik street no:106
    Phone: +90 2523162877
    Fax: +90 2523162737



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